Terms of use

this agreement sets out the terms (" terms & quot;) on the basis of which you are offered access to the internal sections of the site www.tongex.cc (" Site") and access to the trading platform ("platform"). Please read these Terms carefully and do not use the Site or Platform if you do not accept them. The platform, managed by TNG Holding ltd ("service"), allows buyers ("buyer") to;) and sellers ("seller"), generally referred to as "client", buy and sell online digital assets known as "cryptocurrency".

By opening an account or Deposit ("account"), the Client confirms and guarantees that:
1. He has read and accepted the Terms of this Agreement.
2. They have reached the age of 18, they are legally capable, and they have the full legal right to accept these Terms and conditions and enter into transactions on the platform.

The service reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, add or remove parts of these Terms at any time. The client undertakes to monitor changes to this user agreement. Continued use of the Site after the changes are made will mean that the Client accepts and agrees to the changes. It agrees that all its subsequent transactions will follow these Terms and conditions. As long as the Customer agrees to the Terms and conditions and any such changes, the Service grants them a personal and non-transferable limited right to enter and use the Site and Platform.

The Client's acceptance of these Terms and conditions and possible amendments gives the Service the right to mediate between Sellers and Buyers for trading on the platform in accordance with the following points, as well as perform the functions described below.



The platform is a technical, functional and organizational structure managed by the Service so that sellers and buyers can enter into transactions for the purchase and sale of Cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency-any digital currency, the issue and accounting of which is based on encryption and the use of various cryptographic methods of protection, such as Proof-of-work (a scheme for proving the performance of some work, when the work is difficult to perform, but its performance is easy to verify) and/or Proof-of-stake (a scheme for proving the balance on the account, which is easy to verify, but expensive to store), as well as any other. The functioning of such systems is decentralized in distributed computer networks.

The seller is the person who placed an offer to sell Cryptocurrency on the platform.
The buyer is the person who placed an offer to buy Cryptocurrency on the platform.
The client is buyers and sellers, as well as any account or Deposit holder.
The transaction is an agreement between a Buyer and a Seller to exchange Cryptocurrency using the Platform at a jointly agreed rate.
Price - the price in symbols for which the Client is willing to buy or sell Cryptocurrency using the platform for transactions.
Commission-the amount paid to the Service for operations that include payment of remuneration to the Commission agent.
Arbitrage-an array of purchase/sale operations conducted in order to make a profit on the difference in the exchange rates of cryptocur


The platform allows the Buyer to place offers to buy Cryptocurrencies, and the Seller to place offers to sell Cryptocurrencies. The price at which you will be offered to buy or sell Cryptocurrency is set by the Client at its discretion.

The client acknowledges that their offers should be submitted only after careful consideration, and once placed by the Client, applications are considered ready for the transaction of purchase and sale of Cryptocurrency by other Clients. The seller and Buyer agree that once their respective offers match, the transaction is binding and cannot be withdrawn. The transaction for the purchase of Cryptocurrency will be completed instantly, without prior notice to the Seller and Buyer, and will be considered as taking place at the time when it was made.

By acting as a Buyer or Seller in a Cryptocurrency purchase and sale transaction, the Client acknowledges that they lose the right to cancel the request after the prices match and the automatic transaction is completed.

If the offers of the Buyer and the Seller coincide, the Service has the exclusive right to conduct a transaction in the amount corresponding to the price specified in the transaction.

Deposits made in violation of the rules specified in the Deposit forms for each cryptocurrency or Fiat currency are considered lost and are not subject to refund or compensation.

Withdrawals made in violation of the rules specified in the withdrawal forms, or sent to incorrect banking details, including non-existent or invalid addresses ,are not refundable and are considered lost. Deposits and withdrawals made via the API in violation of the rules specified in the Deposit and withdrawal forms are considered lost and cannot be refunded. Before using the API, the client undertakes to familiarize himself with the rules for depositing and withdrawing funds for the asset of interest.



The client acknowledges and agrees that when conducting transactions, it trades with other Clients, and also recognizes that the Service acts only as an intermediary in such transactions, and not as a counterparty. Therefore, it is the responsibility of Customers to comply with all laws and regulations related to transactions.

The service declares and guarantees that:
1. It will use all reasonable measures to facilitate and enable transactions between Customers.
2. All purchase and sale transactions made on the Platform will be conducted anonymously, so that Buyers and Sellers do not know each other.
3. the transaction Price will be calculated based on the actual relevant orders made by Clients in combination with the current commissions.
4. As soon as some bids for the purchase and sale of Cryptocurrency match, the data application cannot be withdrawn.
5. All monetary amounts and all Cryptocurrencies deposited by the Client to his account will be stored by the Service on his behalf, according to the data specified in the profile.
6. Will comply with all laws and regulations relating to the proposed Platform.

If the Client violates these Terms, the Service reserves the right to terminate their account and block all monetary amounts, as well as Cryptocurrencies, contained in the Client's account or Deposit.

The platform is not intended to provide any legal, tax, insurance, or investment advice. The history of orders and trades is used solely for the purpose of providing users with General information related to transactions previously performed on the Platform, and should not be considered as an investment recommendation or advice from the Service. The client is solely responsible for determining whether the transaction is appropriate for them based on their personal goals, financial condition and risk tolerance.


The client guarantees that they will only use the Platform to perform transactions in accordance with the terms set forth in these Terms and conditions, and that they have the right and ability to enter into transactions on the Platform.

The seller guarantees that the Cryptocurrency offered for sale or transfer corresponds to the actual types of Cryptocurrency.

The buyer guarantees that the currency for the purchase of Cryptocurrency corresponds to its actual assets and came from legitimate sources.

The client agrees that they will not use the Platform to perform any illegal activities, including, but not limited to, money laundering, terrorist financing, or other actions that may adversely affect the effectiveness of the Platform.

The client agrees that they are aware of the need to independently track the Platform's news www.tongex.cc, in order to get timely information about enabling/disabling/delisting of assets, as well as any other information. If the user does not read the information in a timely manner, they will not make claims against the Platform for losses incurred as a result.

The client agrees that if it is necessary to have more than several thousand orders open at the same time, they must notify the support service.

The client agrees that orders opened by them that are completely out of the market (10 times or more removed from the market price) may be canceled by the Service in the case of a large number of such orders, since such orders are considered garbage and may mislead other users of the trading Platform.

The client agrees that whenever a transaction is made, the Platform sends and receives monetary amounts, Cryptocurrencies, on behalf of the Buyer and on behalf of the Seller, through the it systems used on the Platform at the time of the transaction.

The platform is designed for trading and/or exchanging cryptocurrency funds. Direct transit of cryptocurrencies or Fiat funds without trading through the platform is prohibited and will lead to the closure of the account without payment of funds.

The client guarantees that they will not disclose information obtained during communication with the Service Support through any communication channels. Violation of this rule leads to blocking of the account without payment of funds.

the Client agrees that familiarization with the news of the Service published in the relevant section, as well as in the official accounts of the Service in social networks, is a prerequisite for using the Service. The client agrees that he is solely responsible for the loss of funds resulting from non-compliance with the recommendations published on the Service.

the Client agrees that in order to make any claims against the service www.tongex.cc and/or to submit a ticket to the support service, you need to activate your account. The client understands and agrees that any claims and requests are accepted and served only through the support Service and tickets in the personal account, and requests to restore access to the account are accepted only and exclusively by e-mail [email protected]  the Client understands and agrees that his questions and complaints will not be considered on forums, social networks, or anywhere else other than the official email address and tickets in the personal account.


All intellectual property rights, texts, images or any other material posted or related to the platform belong to the Service.


The client guarantees that he is the legal owner and has the right to use all amounts of money and Cryptocurrencies held in his account, and that the transactions carried out do not violate the rights of any third parties or current legislation. The client undertakes to reimburse all losses incurred by the Service for violation of third party rights or violation of applicable law by the Customer.

The service will not be liable for any damages, loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of business, loss of data, direct or indirect losses of the Client, if the damage caused is not caused by a violation of these Terms by the Service.

The service cannot be held liable for malfunctions, breakdowns, delays or interruptions of Internet access, or if for any reason the Site is unavailable at any time or for any period. The service is located on a domain tongex.cc and is not responsible for sites located on domains other than the above.

In the event of fraud or any other illegal activity, the service will provide all necessary information, including names, addresses, and other requested information, to the relevant government agencies investigating violations of the law. The client acknowledges that their account may be frozen at any time at the request or request of any competent government authority.


The service may, without further notice to Customers, suspend or change the Platform and / or revise or terminate these Terms at any time. The client is considered to have accepted these changes or termination if they continue to use the Platform. Any financial claims shall be submitted no later than 10 calendar days from the date of entry into force of changes or additions to this agreement.

If the Client does not agree to these Terms, they have the right to close their account at any time.
The client also agrees that the Service may, at its sole discretion, suspend the Client's access to the Site, including, but not limited to: restricting, suspending or deleting accounts, prohibiting access to the Site and its content, and terminating the provision of any services. The service has the right to take technical and legal measures to prevent the Client from accessing the Site if the Service believes that the Client creates problems and / or situations of legal liability, or violates the intellectual property rights of third parties, or violates the rights of other clients, or does not act in accordance with the terms of this agreement. In addition, the Service may, under appropriate circumstances and at its sole discretion, suspend or terminate the service of the Client's account for any reason, including, but not limited to:
(1) attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Site or account of another participant or assist others in this act;
(2) overcoming software security measures that restrict the use or protect any content;
(3) using the Platform to perform any illegal activity, including the legalization of proceeds from crime, the financing of terrorism or other types of criminal activity;
(4) violation of the terms of this Agreement;
(5) unexpected operational difficulties;
(6) requests from law enforcement or other government agencies;
(7) excessively active (more than 500 transactions) arbitrage in a short period of time (during the day), in order to influence the market, to artificially inflate the trading volume for a particular trading pair, or for other malicious purposes;
(8) insults to employees and / or the Exchange as a whole, both private and public;
(9) threats to support staff.

The service, as a private owner, also reserves the right to unilaterally change or suspend the operation of our Site or Platform, or to stop providing services to the Client without giving specific reasons. The client agrees that the Service will not be liable to him or any third party for the termination of the account service or the site's unavailability.

The client acknowledges and agrees that their accounts may be blocked before providing the Service with documents proving their identity and / or any other information, if the Service deems it necessary to service the accounts, perform operations and / or operate the Platform.


In the event of force majeure, as determined by applicable law, the performance of obligations to the affected party in these Terms and conditions will be suspended until the problem is resolved.

If a competent judicial authority finds any provision of the Terms to be unenforceable, that provision will be enforced to the maximum extent permitted, and all other provisions will remain in full force and effect.


If you have any questions related to these Terms, your rights and obligations arising from these Terms and / or the use of the Site and Platform, your account, or any other matter, please contact customer support [email protected]